Broken Element

White fitting a toothpick, it broke inside and is now stuck. What to do?

Let’s call the broken toothpick “A”

Take a second toothpick and cut the pointy bit so it’s acylinder with a flat section. We will call this toothpick “B”

With the help of the tool element in your kit, push “B” into the fittment so “A” can be pushed out on the other side

Once “A” comes out enough so you can grab it, stop pushing “B”

With the help of tweezers, grab & pull on the visible part of “A” until it is removed.

I have had the misfortune of breaking an element which prevents me from finishing the assembly of my model, what to do?

Please reach out to us at info@ugears-models.ch, provide us with your information, description of the element, name of the model and where you acquired it. We will do the necessary to provide you an exchange.


The model I want to order is currently out of stock, when will it be available again?

Our webshop is updated in real time, it will be available as soon as we receive them in house.

My payment was declined, how can I order?

We offer various payment options, if the selected option does not satisfy you, please choose an alternative option. We remind you that it is not necessary to create an account in order to make a payment.


I have not received any mail confirming my order, details for the delivery or a tracking number, what to do?

Sometimes the mail goes to your Spam mailbox, make sure it did not go there. If you still cannot find it, we invite you to reach out at info@ugears-models.ch

I still haven't received my order, how can I keep track of it's location?

A link with the tracking information has been sent to your mailbox, it contains the order and tracking number.

The package is marked as "delivered", yet I still did not receive anything, who can I contact?

Get a hold of your order number as well as your tracking number and contact without further delay the shipping company

Other Questions

Can I paint the models?

Yes, you can paint them. It is strongly recommended to use aquarelle or gouache. You may use acrylique paint but a thick coat can interfer with the mecanisms and prevent your model from working.

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