What is the concept?

The concept is to learn and understand the principe of mecanical gears, horology, locks and even propulsion; all of it while having fun. Composed of a patented plywood and lots of ingenuity, glue and batteries are unknown vocabulary in our mecanical 3D puzzles!

Why puzzles and mecanics made of wood?

The puzzle responds to the satisfying feeling of building somehting with our own hands: throughtout the process of the assembly, you can feel the model come alive and take shape, because it’s not just a simple puzzle, they are 3D! The mecanical plywood gears give life to the models, they are not simple static structures, in fact a lots of our models are inspired from real life machines.

Is the puzzle a trendy product?

More than ever! Especailly that the puzzle ceises to evolve. We are indeed far from a simple flat puzzle that once finished represents an image or a shape. Besides the moments of complicity and joy we obtain from these models, the moment we put the 3D puzzle into life becomes magical!

Looking for a gift idea, from what age can a child receive one of your models?

We recommend the starting age to be 8-10 years old with the supervision of an adult. Our mecanical 3D puzzles clearly target children, teenagers and adults of all ages!

Are there any pedagogic benefits of these puzzles for kids and adults?

For the kids: the fun aspect is certain, le texture of the wood, the assembly of “his own toy” and most of all see how the puzzle moves once it’s finished.
For the adults: building a model with your child is a great bonding moment. However for the more advances models (truck, locomotive or even the safe) it’s the beginning of a passion: these models demand patience and meticulousness. Its often the beginning of a beautiful collection.

Let's talk about our bestsellers

The theater features caracters such as the prince, the king, the princess and even the dragon: the kids love creating their own stories with the theater to express their creativity.
The timer is an authentic piece of mecanical horology and can be programmed to work from 1 to 20minutes. It’s also a splendid piece of decoration for your living room or office.
The locomotive is our biggest model and certainly our most complex until this day. An exceptional model, richly detailed oriented towards realism, our locomotive attracts anyone’s attention as soon as they see it. Once the rubber bands winded up, the gears engage and the locomotive starts to move on it’s own.

The final word:

Ugears Models offers 3D mecanical puzzles made entierly out of sustainable plywood to express passions, a hint of nostalgia while constantly innovating and using modern manufacturing processes.

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