The Ugears Brand

UGEARS-MODELS, manufacturer of unique mecanic puzzles to assemble without use of any glue.

Some of our models are inspired by the mecanics used in modern machines, others are unique and have been designed from zero. Our models are fun for kids as well as adults of all ages. We have come a long way with a concret expertise in engineering and adjusting our fabrication process over time to provide a rich experience for all your family. We are rigorous when it comes to the quality of our models: besides meticulous tests and quality control, our plywood is supplied from a responsable and sustainable source while figuring out ways to make assembly easier for our clients.

An innovative product

UGEARS-MODELS is a startup created in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev back in 2014. Today, UGEARS-MODELS offers more than 30 unique models in which we invested a lot of effort and reflection. The sucess continues as we have recently obtained a new Kickstarted campaign which went over 10 times the goal. Ugears-Models offers you a way to reveal your passion with our 100% mecanical 3D Puzzles made of plywood, a touch of nostalgia while presenrving a modern and innovative concept.

To assemble ourselves, our mecanical 3D Puzzles do not require any batteries or glue.

You are not alone

By becoming an official reseller, you will be featured on our page dedicated to our partners and events happening aroud Ugears in Switzwerland:

Key Services available for point of sale marketing:
– Digital content (photos, videos, logo).
– Customer Service for spare parts.
– A dynamic team to answer all your questions and concerns.

A Growing Market

It turns our that today’s technology and video games do not respond to all the needs. All over the world, people of all games still adore to construct models, looking for the satisfying feeling of building something with their own hands, inspiring young kids in this inspiring hobby of mecanics.

Ugears-Models offers you the possibility to develop your own activity while attracting a different type of customer and benefiting of this experince whcih made our success in over 85 countries.

Contact Us

If you wish to resell our products, please reach out to us on to become our partner. We will study your request and will get back to you as soon as possible to communicate our price list.

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