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How to?

To report à dispute, you have to connect to your Paypal account. You have 180 days from the date of your payment to submit it. If the seller does not respond or if you do not find an amiable solution, you may change your dispute to a litigation in the following 20 days. When such action are taken, you are asking us to take a descision for you. We proceed to study your case and verify your eligibility for a refund according to our General Conditions of Sale.

The conditions

Any object which can be shipped and which are not banned by law can be covered. Here are some examples when we would intervene: you bought a book but received a DVD, you bought a new item and received a used one, you bought 3 products but only received 2, the object has been damaged durring transport, there are important missing parts (not mentioned by the seller), you bought an original product but received a replica. If the selles was precise in the description but the object does not meet your need, purchase protection does not apply.

The exclusions to the program

Purchase protection does not cover real estate, vehicles and any objects not authorised by our rules (generaly forbidden by law as well). The payment of objects delivered directly by hand and monetary transactions in between relatives is also not covered.

We protect your account

You are not responsable for any unauthorised purchases from your account if you report the incident within the 60 days of the purchase. This means a refund is possible if your account has been manipulated unofficialy.

Refund in case of an issue

In case of an unauthorised transation with your Paypal account, you are not responsible for the purchase if you open a dispute within the 60 days of the purchase. In case of a problem with a salesman/saleswomen you are free to ask our intervention. If your purchase fulfills our Protection conditons, we will refund you.

An effective Customer Service

In case of an unauthorised transaction, a dispute or any other difficulty your may encounter, we will help you find a solution. Contact our Customer service.
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